Decoupage Card Making Demo at Spotlight, Singapore

I thought I should share a demo that I held at Spotlight sometime ago for Ruby Rock-it. It was a hands on session making using the Decoupage range.

 photo Spotlight_Demo1_zpsh5rnztgp.jpg

It was a pleasure to work with many curious children and we all had a blast.

 photo Spotlight_Demo5_zpsrocc5p0x.jpg

Here are some of the cards that we made:

 photo Spotlight_Demo2_zpscvvhakwj.jpg

 photo Spotlight_Demo3_zpsjc6aitlk.jpg

I love how easy it was for the kids to make their own cards and the colors are so happy.



Paper Dollies Tutorial

Today I have a tutorial to share with you. Paper dollies are pretty but they are usually white or pink. That’s just so common so I thought it would be nice to make some to make whatever paper I’m using for my layout.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Trim your paper into a square.

2. Fold the square into a triangle.

3. Fold it again into a smaller triangle

4. If you are able to fold further, fold your triangle into a smaller triangle.

 photo Paper Dollie Tutorial B_zps76eb44hy.jpg5. Draw a curve at the top of the triangle.

6. Trim off the curve and you have a basic dollie.

7. Continue cutting tiny holes into your triangle if you more details on your dollie.

8. Open it up and admire your hardwork.

 photo Paper Dollie Tutorial A_zpsu5wtknmm.jpg


Here is a layout I made with my own handmade paper dollies:
 photo MakeWish_SB_Tutorial_zpswbp0mfun.jpg

Some closeups:
 photo MakeWish3_SB_Tutorial_zps3y213lq1.jpg
 photo MakeWish4_SB_Tutorial_zpst4egdhgh.jpg

Do have a try. Drop me a link to your work if you made some dollies too.



Creating a Shaker Element Tutorial

Just crawling out of hibernation. I’ve been a little busy with stuff and the time just flew by. I thought I had this post scheduled but it didn’t post. So here is my tutorial for simple shaker cards.  I made some shaker cards last month and thought it would be fun to share the steps with everyone.

First, lets get all the materials ready.

 photo Tutorial_ShakerCard4_zpsimonowln.jpgYou will need:

a. Pattern paper for the top frame of your shaker

b. Chipboard

c. Base image for the shaker

d. Clear acetate

e. Glitter or Sequins


1. PIck an image from your patterned paper for the base image. For this project I choose this lovely image from RRBF’s My Romance line.

2. Cut the chipboard, acetate and top frame to the same size as your base image.

3. Leaving a 0.5″ to 0.75″ border, cut out the middle sections of your chipboard and top frame just like the picture above.

4. Make a sandwich with the base image at the bottom, followed by the chipboard frame, acetate and top frame. Check that all layers align correctly before we start gluing the shaker together. I use a wet glue for this project as it allowed me to move the pieces around a little before everything bonded together.

Here is a video showing how the layers should be assembled. Do excuse the quality of the video. It’s my very first attempt at a video.

Here is the card all assembled:

 photo JuneGoh_Tutorial_ShakerCard_zpsex4fpo8y.jpg

Don’t you like the shake shake shake fun.




Mini Album Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial that I shared on Ruby Rock-it’s blog last month. It’s a simple mini album that you can make in a jiffy.

First you need to get all your supplies ready:

– 6 pieces of 6X6″ double sided patterned papers – these are the insides of your album
– 2 pieces of 6X6″ the same patterned paper for your album covers
– 1 strip of 6X3″ paper for your album spine
– 1 strip of 6X12″ cardstock scored at 1″ intervals

 photo Mini_Album_Tutorial_zps8d5c858a.jpg

Fold the white cardstock at the scored lines until you have an accordion strip. Glue on the inside pages onto each valley of the accordion strip. photo Mini_Album2_Tutorial_zps32c8d849.jpg

Glue all the sides of the accordion strips so you end up with a stiff album spine.
 photo Mini_Album3_Tutorial_zps11371dcf.jpg

Next, glue the strip of paper you have reserved for the album spine.

 photo Mini_Album4_Tutorial_zps98e1d90c.jpg

Glue on the two pieces of patterned paper for the album cover on each side of the spine and you now have a mini album.

 photo Mini_Album5_Tutorial_zps6d7abb59.jpg

Ta-da !!! It’s now ready to be decorated.

 photo Mini_Album6_Tutorial_zpsd7b3666f.jpg

Here is what I did with my mini album. It’s now ready as a gift for Father’s Day.
 photo Mini_Album7_Tutorial_zpsf3ddb484.jpg

It’s a simple way to get an album ready in no time