I totally love his enthusiasm for life and everything around him. 9th of August was Singapore’s Birthday and he was all excited about it. Asking his daddy to apply the tattoo on his face and making sure he was wearing his reddest tee shirt. So, here is a page totally inspired by him and our nation’s 49’s Birthday.

 photo Singapore_SB_20Sep14_zpsf9778e34.jpgI sprayed the banners a mixture of colours since it was a Birthday celebration. I have to tell you that I’m in love with those Thickers with map prints. I have been hording them for sometime. Just love the effect.
 photo Singapore4_SB_20Sep14_zpsba8c7d7d.jpg
 photo Singapore3_SB_20Sep14_zps1ff739b2.jpg
 photo Singapore2_SB_20Sep14_zpsf2055f6b.jpgI did give the background paper a mist of gold but the camera refused to pick that up. No worries, it can shimmer and shine for me alone.



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