Good Bye Two Peas in a Bucket

It was a shocker to wake up one morning and hear that Two Peas is closing. I think it was one of the very first forums that I joined when I first started scrapbooking. It’s always sad when something that we have known for so long suddenly is no more.

 photo TwoPeas_zpsca4dfcd9.jpg

So for memory sake, I took screen shots of my account.

 photo TwoPeas3_zps0922b7bc.jpg

Really couldn’t believe that I joined in 2006 !! That feels like centuries ago and this was the very first layout that I uploaded.

 photo TwoPeas6_zps5c68ea51.jpg

Here’s a close up. Not too shabby isn’t it. I can’t believe that my first born was so little then.
 photo TwoPeas7_zpse3d09b11.jpg

And so I bid farewell to a place which I might not have visited much recently but it has definitely been a part of my scrapbook learning journey.


Until my next post,



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