Wonderful Today

Pastel shades are not just for girls and babies. I do like to keep my layouts soft and sweet some of the time when the shades complement the photo perfectly.

 photo WonderfulLife_SB_12May14_zps2fe1a571.jpg

Stickers make layering so much fun as they don’t add too much bulk if you stick more than one on top of each other yet I can raise some with foam dots if I need to add extra height to any sticker. The best of both worlds if I do say so myself.

 photo WonderfulLife2_SB_12May14_zps378dcc3f.jpg

I’ve rediscovered my collection of embossing powder – much to my own horror. Those tiny bottles of powder don’t seem to go away no matter how much I use them. So I’ve decided to challenge myself and make sure I use them whenever I can. I really like the texture embossing added to the stamped images.

 photo WonderfulLife4_SB_12May14_zps8270460d.jpg
 photo WonderfulLife3_SB_12May14_zpsd9880b67.jpg

Oh and I have a sudden like for hot air balloon images. Maybe because it reminds me that I have been hoping to go away for a holiday.




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