Random Wednesday

 photo HotDay_12May14_zps04f431b7.jpg

The weather has been acting up of late. It’s either really hot and sunny or it pours and pours. My mind has been nagging me to update the blog but since the nagging only happens late at night when I’m all ready to go to bed nothing actually gets done.

 photo HotDay3_12May14_zps9e686bfb.jpg

Finally did squeeze a little bit of time out to edit and write a little something for my poor neglected blog.

I love the reflections on the calm water surface.It’s surprising where beautiful photo spots can be found here. This was taken within the Singapore Zoo itself right next to where the leopards are resting. Just face forwards and don’t look behind you.

 photo HotDay4_12May14_zpsbada0962.jpg

Here’s another random photo for today. The kids were just walking around in the zoo when one of the keepers came up to them and showed them a hissing cockroach. Apparently I learnt that these only eat fruits and vegetables and are very clean. That was good to know because while I was encouraging the boys to go ahead and touch them, I was silently cringing inside. And yes, the hand holding the cockroach was my son’s.

 photo HotDay2_12May14_zpsca259352.jpg

Finally a photography of me. Why ? Because I don’t usually have photos of myself unless someone actually remembers to take the camera from me and take a picture. I got to thank the husband for deciding to take this photo even if it’s just one of me holding his cup of coffee !!

Until my next post, go ahead and do one random thing today. It might just be fun.



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