Lovely – A change in perception

Hi there, I’m still here. Just busy with stuff at home. I’ve been hard at work clearing my scrap area and packing everything up to clear space for my younger one’s impending start to school next year. Sobs, time really goes too quickly.

Back to the scrapbook subject, I have been trying something a little different this month. Instead of the usual 12X12″ pages, I have decided to create a “me” album using only 8.5X11″ pages only. I thought it would be easy. After all I started scrapping in that format when I was a newbie in the world of scrapbooking BUT it’s not !! I tell you it was the most difficult thing I had to do this month. First the background paper felt so tiny then my photos were too large then I didn’t know what to do with my embellishments …. Yes yes too much complaining. Moving on, I did manage to get my very “first” page completed. Although it was my best work but it did portray the information I wanted to pass on. Details about me and my thoughts. So here it is,

 photo Lovely_SB_29Oct13_zpsf687b024.jpg

Love the gorgeous gold mist from Smooch Spritz. It really gives you just gold and it’s all glittery once it dries. My go-to color right now.
 photo Lovely3_SB_29Oct13_zpsef54962a.jpg
 photo Lovely2_SB_29Oct13_zps252eff6a.jpg

Will be back soon,



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