Project Life – July

Here are a few of my July entries for Project Life fresh off the scrapping table. Feeling so happy as I managed to catch up the entries just as the month ended. This month is all about storing those extra brochures that I want to record within my PL entries.

 photo PL4_Jul13_zpsaf937df6.jpg

I love recording the kids handwriting but some days my younger one just will not cooperator. So when he does do it, it’s the first thing that goes into the folder. My kids love bringing leaflets and brochures back from the places they visit and many times they refuse to throw them away. With those that are worth keeping, I usually use a 6X12 album refill and slot them in with the photos they have taken. Quick and simple.
 photo PL5_Jul13_zps06248aa2.jpg

Here is the flip side of the 6X12 page and another set of photo/leaflet combination from the National Day event R1 attended. A perfect combination that gave my pages balance.
 photo PL3_Jul13_zps8bd4f6c8.jpg

I picked up a few MT tapes brochures during the week and wanted them to record the new washi tape additions to my growing collection. These manage to fit perfectly into the 4X6 pocket which made storage easy.

That’s all for today. Feeling very accomplished as I can get back to more scrapping fun.



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