Lesson Time and a tutorial

I went with happy misting and layers with this layout and added a little hand sewing to the mix. I have to confess that the sun rays didn’t turn out the way I expected but the sewing part was a real experience. I was reluctant to actually sew but was glad that I did. It was fun.

 photo LessonTime_SB_21May13_zps267e43fb.jpg

Since the thread color didn’t contrast well with the background paper, I decided to twine more thread around some cardstock to pump up the yellow hue on the page and make the sun pop a little more.

 photo LessonTime3_SB_21May13_zps29003c38.jpg

I was playing around with my punch when I realised that I could make tiny leaves. I just doodled some lines on the punched out leaves and used them on the layout. Prefect.
 photo LessonTime2_SB_21May13_zps9cce97fa.jpg

Since I was so happy with those leaves, I thought I would just do a quick tutorial.

 photo LessonTime4_SB_21May13_zpsf960a882.jpg

Step 1: Grab a piece of pattern paper and punch out one circle. Use any of your circle or oval shaped punches.

 photo LessonTime5_SB_21May13_zpsd8e714ed.jpg

Step 2: Insert the pieced you punched out in Step 1 back into the punch. Wiggle your paper until you get it similar to the photo above.
 photo LessonTime6_SB_21May13_zps69544579.jpg

Step 3: Punched out the shape and you end up with two pieces like what is shown here. Just fold your leaf shape into half and draw on some lines. Then have fun with your leave embellishments in your projects.Do drop me a comment if you like the tutorial.

Catch you again,



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