Altered Easter Egg

Easter is almost here and I was just wondering what to do with my growing stash of washi tapes when I found foam eggs at the local art supplies store. All you need to do is pick two or three matching tapes in your stash and cut them into little triangular pieces.

 photo Easter_Egg_25Mar13_zpsa56d927f.jpgNext pick up one piece of tape and place it anywhere on your foam egg. Pick up another and stick than next to the first piece. Keep going until the entire egg has been covered. Go with the flow and don’t worry about aligning the tapes !! I left a small gap between each piece of tape but you can do whatever you fancy.

 photo Easter3_Egg_25Mar13_zpsa85c9a9d.jpgNotice that I sometimes overlap part of the tape. I’m ok with that as it just gives it more character. Trying to align the tiny pieces will of course drive me up the wall so I closed my eyes to any errors.
 photo Easter2_Egg_25Mar13_zps7acacfa5.jpgI really love the finally effect of my Mosaic egg. I have one more egg left so I might just try a different pattern. Any suggests ?Cheers,



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