Project Life – Feburary

Here’s an update of my Project Life progress. Moving along much better than I expected. I like that I managed to record little details like pictures of the art each kid created at the moment in their life. I don’t really need to do much. Just a quick photo and a note is all I need. Nothing fancy. But if the urge gets to me, a little decoration means a chance to use those fancy stickers and stamps.


I remember looking at the old photos when I was a kid and wondering when, where and why the photos were taken. I loved hearing the stories behind the photos but without it being recorded, the details just kept getting lost with each version that was told. It was with this simple aim that I decided to start off with this project – record what I can of each week that passes. As we move into the month of March, I can say that I’ve managed to keep up with the records.


Here is another page from February. Most of the photos have been taken with my iPhone and the photo collages made with the many free iPhone apps available. Each weekend I just print, cut, stick and journal.

The kids love finding their pictures in the albums and reading about the places and things they’ve done and I get an outlet to have fun and create.


Here’s a record of the Lunar New Year’s visitation schedule for the record. Sort of a reminder to them of the events that have passed.The pretty pink flowers were cut of from one of the red packets they received during the New Year. Nice to know something has been reused and not wasted don’t you think?

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One thought on “Project Life – Feburary

  1. Love love love your PL pages June.. I am up to week 9 whew…. You cant really afford to get behind.. I was and pumped out 4 weeks altogether so it was quite stressful. but nearly there.. Its so much fun isnt it xx Keep up the inspiration x

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