Updating Project Life – June

It’s tough catching up with Project Life entries once I take a break. It’s like an obsession. Once I start with the entries I find it difficult to stop but if I don’t stop I will not be doing the other layouts and albums. Sigh. Some months I have so much I want to record it takes a long time to get things done. How I wish I can record things the moment they happen – you know blink your eyes and photo gets printed and the words in my mind get written down right at the moment.

Any whooo I managed to get my month of June entries into the album all labelled and I love looking through them.
Here’s one with my self carved chevron stamp at work.


I’m getting lots of mileage from my stamps and washi tape doing up the pages. Still a few more months of entries to go. I’ll post pictures once I get the next month entries done up.

Be back soon.



2 thoughts on “Updating Project Life – June

    • Lisa, thanks for dropping by. I think I’m stuck with half a year’s worth of PLs only. Got to try and get some done before the new year. Can’t wait to see yours.

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