An Altered Canvas

Some days a little paint playing just seems like the best thing to do. I had no fixed idea when I took out my paints but the project just developed a little by little. Still amateurish work but it the process was certain very calming. Nothing is considered the wrong way. Just paint as you wish.

PhotobucketSomehow something was lacking when the canvas was all dried and ready, so I added a chipboard butterfly. A little scrapbook addition which gave the canvas an added point of interest.Photobucket

Are you ready to try something different today ? A different route home or a different type of coffee ? Anything will do just try changing your routine and get out of the same predictable schedule. Who knows, you might just like the change.




2 thoughts on “An Altered Canvas

  1. i like the way how you get out of your usual style/comfort zone and try something different. 🙂 its a constant challenge to self in doing something different… you’ve given me inspiration today. thank you. 🙂

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