Altered 7G Printer’s Tray

After hording this tray for months, I finally gathered enough courage to start altering it. Things just look so intimidating when you want to start on a new journey but what I’ve learnt is that once you take the first step, things will begin to fall into place. Just take baby steps and learn as you go. I started with an empty white tray and by working on one window at a time there was nothing to be afraid of.


Lots of My Little Shoebox goodness here.

The cardstock stickers work great and I didn’t have to fussy cut the elements !

Thanks for dropping by. Do come by again soon.

5 thoughts on “Altered 7G Printer’s Tray

  1. hi! love your altered tray.. I had seen your altered shoebox/shadow box on twopeas.. Could you tell me how you made those partitions on the shoebox cover?

  2. If you are referring to the box above, the partitions came with the box. If it’s the black shoebox in twopeas, I just used black cardstock, cut them to size and taped them on.

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