A little sewing

Not a new layout but just a few little things that I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been staring at all the lovely sewing craft posted by friends and those found all over the internet but somehow everytime I started on one, it just doesn’t seem to resemble the expected results.

When I first saw this on CraftGossip, I just wanted to get some ! So I dug out the rolls of felt I had stashed in the cupboards and started sewing. I’m pleased with my coasters even in the circles not that perfect and the stitches are all over the place but these are really good at soaking up the condensation from all the glasses.
Then I saw a friend post a picture of a little stuffed doggie and won’t you know it, I was tempted to dust off my sewing machine to make one myself. I was totally surprised at the results. The stitches stayed together and I was pretty pleased with the results. I still need lots of practice but I learnt that what I lacked in skill I could make up with practice.Stay tuned for more sewing goodies because I think I’m hooked on sewing for the moment.


2 thoughts on “A little sewing

  1. Oh yes, cloth and felt coaster good to soak up condensation hor. I love the nice colours. Is there any difference in making it using sewing and sticking with glue? These will look nice as designs over snack boxes.

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