Still here and an altered canvas

Hi I’m still around. Just been busy trying to get things settled after my car was hit by another driver. Don’t you hate it when the other driver turns impound and accuses you of something you didn’t do. That’s what happened to me ! At the accident site he was all, it’s my fault and then when he filed the report, he wrote that it was all my fault ! Still sore over the whole thing but life was to go on.

On a happier note, I did get some good news that I cannot wait to share but that has to wait till the right moment so how about a little canvas for now.


I love painting the canvas, mixing the colors and adding texture. Nice and messy and so liberating. I added some rub-ons, chipboard letters and cut-out some pretty little patterns from Kaisercraft papers. Yes, it is time to cherish life and enjoy the peace and quiet. Catchup with you soon – the lovely people who has been reading my blog . Thank you for dropping by.

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